Guitar and Organ

Touring in Iceland Agust 2017

After a long and busy year of planning, ORGA is pleased to announce our first tour in Iceland. Our concerts will be held at some of Iceland's most beautiful churches, including the prestigious and vast Hallgrímskirkja in the capital Reykjavík, Kópavogskirkja on the hills of Borgarholt in Kópavogur and finally the distinctive Stykkishólmskirkja in Stykkishólmur. ORGA, with the power of organ and electric guitar, is coming to Iceland!

Nú er tímin komin, ORGA er á leiðinni til Íslands i fyrsta skipti. Túrinn inniber tónleika í Hallgrímskirkju, Kópavogskirkju og Stykkishólmskirkju.

Hallgrímskirkja        19. Ágúst kl 19:30

Kópavogskirkja         20. Ágúst kl 21:00

Stykkishólmskirkja     22. Ágúst kl 20:00

*All concerts are FREE of charge.


By combining the colossal breathing organ with piercing electric guitar, you get ORGA. 
The contrast between the delicate and fragile and the vast and powerful together with the clash of two very different instruments is what defines our music. We are based in Denmark